Something New and Good

There is little to do on a cold Saturday afternoon so on January 2nd, we we took the Q to see the new Moynihan Train Station. It was much hyped by Governor Cuomo and the reviews were positive; we went to see for ourselves. The hall exceeded all expectations! The station was bright and airy […]

Art of Necessity

How did sleepy Yorkville become an interesting intersection of art and necessity? Small businesses needed to accommodate covid restrictions and weather limitations. Musicians need to perform and get paid for their craft. Put it together and you get the weekly weekend street fair of Yorkville. Why Yorkville? Possibly the wider and less frequented streets made […]

Innovations in NYC Dining

We at Atelier86 have a standing Friday date night. Even during the dark days of March and April we would order in from our favorite restaurants to enjoy a well prepared meal as well as to support neighborhood small business. As the City began to open up, we frequented our favorite outdoor dining haunts. Some […]